3 November: Raggmunk

Husmanskost, the Swedish name for traditional food, is a very old but the concept as we know it today isn’t that old. In 1965 a very famous Swedish chef (I know it is funny), Tore Wretman, collected a lot of old recipes and dishes from different areas of Sweden and put it all together in a book that became a great success. Before this book a lot of old dishes had been forgotten but with it a new renaissance for the traditional cooking erupted. These days young people, fed up with fast food and strange cross-kitchen, has turned back again to the food the grew up with and on fancy restaurants husmanskost is the hottest thing. Today’s dish is as simple as it is tasty. I think there are versions of it in all north European countries, since potatoes has been important here for a long time but this is a our vegan version of it, Enjoy!

….oh, and don’t forget to start soaking the yellow dried peas for tomorrow dish.


300-400 gr grated raw potato
1 cup flour
1 cup soy milk
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

Mix everything except the potato to a batter
Fold in the grated potato.
Heat up a cast iron pan and melt a nob of margarine. When the margarine starts browning, fry pancake sized thin “patties” until golden on both size, it takes just a minute or two on medium heat on each side. Serve with lingonberry jam and if you feel like it, home made vegan bacon.



  1. mmm. i love anything made of potato!

  2. I too love anything made of potato, but this looks especially delicious!

  3. åh så härligt med en massa husmanskost. blir riktigt peppad på att laga. 🙂

  4. i’m amazed at all the different cuisines that have their own potato pancake.

  5. ÅÅH raggmunk! I need to do it soon.

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