12 Nov: Pytt i panna

Today’s dish is a really simple one, but oh so tasty. It’s basically potatoes and onions and some chopped up fake meat. Usually it’s made from leftover meats and since most of the week has gone and you might have aqumilated some scraps, I figured it would be a good idea to post it now. One thing I always have in it is facon (fake-bacon), because I like the smoky flavour of it. But then you can add most anything you like to make it more substantial. In the original dish you don’t use vegetables but I think it’s nice to mix in some greens.

Pytt i panna
2,5 lbs potatos
3 parsnips
4 carrots
Some oil for baking
A couple of handfulls of fakemeat
(facon, sausages, seitan, soy mince,
whatever you have at home.)
3 medium sized onions

Dice the potatoes, carrots and parsnips into fairly small dices. A little smaller than
your regular boardgame dice actually(all you gamers out there will know what I mean). Bake in oven for about 30 minutes in 390ºF, salt and pepper to taste. In the mean time you go through your freezer and refrigerator after fake meat. Let it thaw a bit. Then you start to dice your onions, it might seam alot but belive me the tears and work will be worth it. Fry the onions slowly so they get really sweet and soft. When they’re almost done you add your chopped up protein and fry until it’s cooked. If your timing is good the veggies should be ready  by now. Now you just mix everything together and serve with pickled beats roots. They might have them at IKEA, or some local swedish delicassy shop. I sometime eat it with pickles but beets are the classic condiment. Last but not least sprinkle with parsley.

Todays dessert is almost embarressly easy. You open a can of canned pears, serve with som unwipped soy or oatcream. Yummy!

Canned pears

canned pears




  1. I like pytt i panna a lot, thank you for posting this recipe. What brand of cream did you use for the pears? I picked up some cool vegan whipping creams when I was in Helsingborg, recently.

  2. Oh that does look delicious.

  3. sus

    I just discovered that it’s works great as breakfast too! Reheat, serve with ketchup and maeby a tofu scramble!

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