17 Nov: Beef a’la Lindström

Hey everyone! I can’t tell you how good today’s dinner was! You just have to try it. This dish had been around since the 19th century. The origin of it is not certain, there are a few different stories about it.  But it is said to have some sort of Russian provenance. This recipe is about the same as  the soyballs but with a few modifications, and also I’ve written it in cups for all you non Europeans. You could vary the condiments as you wish, some sort of gravy, melted margarine, extra pickled beets and pickles, but I chose to keep it simple today with horse radish and Dijon mustard. Here goes:

Beef a’la Lindström makes aprox 12 patties

0,7 lbs soymince or TVP granulate
2/3 cup soy-/oat cream
1/4 cups of bread crumbs
1/4 cups small capers
1/4 cups pickled beets
2-4 tbsp wheatgluten
salt and pepper to taste

Mix the soy cream with the breadcrumbs and spices, let sit for a while. Then mix in the soy mince (if you use the TVP kind, you might have to spice it up some more, maybe add a little brewers yeast? And of course boil it first). Then add the wheat gluten try 2 tbsp at first and add more later if needed. Last you add capers and finely diced beets. Make small patties and fry in margarine.
Serve with boiled potatoes and your favourite condiment.

Trevlig spis!


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