23 Nov: Pannbiff med lök

One thing I really like with the different dishes we’ve published on the blog is that they are cheap, easy and usually takes little time to make. There are a lot of cookbooks out there that only have really fancy dishes, but when it comes down to it what you really need is something that you can make on a rainy/snowy Tuesday without to much hassle.  Today we have a very common dish but I think people might have forgotten about it. It’s basically soy patties with fried onion, potatoes and pickles.

Pannbiff med lök

1 batch of soyball batter
3 large onions

What you do is boil your potatoes with some salt. Slice your onions and slowly saute them with margarine ’til they’re brown. A helpful tip is to add a pinch of sugar to the onions, that enhances the sweetness and also helps it to caramelize. Make your soybatter and instead of balls you make patties (round and flat,I made 9 out of this recipe). Fry them with margarine. If you think that it’s a little dry add a little water or stock to the onions and that will sauce it up for you. Serve with pickles.


A very quick and tasty dessert for you today: Take a clementine, eat it! And if you’re still not satisfied? Take another!



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