25 November: Peasoup and Swedish pancakes

Today I though of all kinds of different soups to cook. Cauliflower, creamy vegetable soup (ängamat), mushroom soup, nettle soup, broccoli with horseradish, I could go on forever. But the truth is that it has now been two weeks since we last had pea soup and the abstinence is far to grate for our poor Swedish bodies. So Pea soup it had to be! The only thing I’ve changed since last time is that instead of plättar we had Swedish pancakes. I used the recipe from vegan with a vengeance but left out the maple syrup, baking powder and cinnamon. Us swedes like our pancakes big and thin. We roll them up and eat them with strawberry-, raspberrie-, blueberrie- or queens jam. Yum yum!

Thanks Fanny for inspiring me with the crisp bread tower!

Pea soup





  1. Yay for food towers!

  2. Mo

    All of this food looks amazing! Your pea soup looks so hearty and delicious!

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