26 November: Lapskojs

Today’s dish is a something I had quite often as a child. Unfortunately I think it’s one of those dishes that now is forgotten. It doesn’t look particularity delicious and how could it when it’s mashed up meat and potatoes? but when I was little I really liked it. There are a few different recipes out there but today I’m making it as my father used to. In his recipe it is supposed to be salted beef but since there is now real substitute for that I figured that fakon would work, I don’t really mind the smokiness but you could try some kind of deli slice or something. I don’t know anything about the history of the dish but I think it goes way back.

8 large floury potatoes
1 cup fakon or deli slices
1/2 – 1 cup soy milk
2 nob’s of margarine
salt, white pepper
pickled beetroot’s

Peel and chop your potatoes into small chunks, boil them until they are done. Drain the water and add the margarine, start to mash them and whisk in the soy milk to get it fluffy. Chop up your fakon, quite small bits but leave some larger ones to. Chop
your dill aprox. 2 tablespoons or so, or to taste. Salt and pepper. Mix it up and done!
Serve with beetroots.

Because it’s Friday we wanted to have something special for dessert. I rooted around in the freezer and found some red currants from this summer. Perfect to top a newly baked waffle, along with some whipped soy cream.

Waffles with red currants

This is my waffle recipe I just made up (think you could double it, it only made 4 waffles) I have a friend who made kick-ass waffles and she only used flour, water and sugar so explore the world of batter!

1.1 cup flour
1 cup soy milk
1/2 cup of soy cream
1/2 water
2 tsp sugar
pinch of bakingpowder

Whisk it all together and the batter is ready to use. Don’t forget to brush your iron with loads of margarine or else they’ll stick.


  1. Mo

    Delicious! And those waffles are super duper adorable!

  2. Ohh, heart waffles! So sweet! 🙂

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