30 November: Bonus dish! Tofu Stroganoff

This dish originate from Russia, but we have Swediefied it with a special ingredient; the Falu sausage! It was created as a result of our mining industry in Falun. In the mine they used a lot of rope which was made out of ox skin, pretty evil… And they ended up with a lot of ox meat, and with it a sausage was made which they smoked and salted. Years later the swedes started cooking Sausage Stroganoff with it. It’s very common and I think it’s still served in schools all over Sweden. We even have a kids song about the Sausage, maybe something to listen to while cooking?
It’s called Flower covered Falu sausage (sort of). And it goes: -I want flower covered Falu sausage for lunch, mom, nothing else will do… Remind me not to start a translating career…
I’m basing my Stroganoff on tofu, it really has the same texture and with a little help the flavour too. But just to make it a little more chewy I bake it for a couple of minutes.

Tofu Stroganoff serves 2 (or 1 ’cause it’s soo tasty)

250 g of firm tofu
1 tbsp oil
1 tbsp soy sauce dark
2 drops of liquid smoke
pinch of salt

6 button mushrooms
3/4 cup oat/soy cream
1 small onion diced
1-2 tsp Dijon mustard
1/2 cup stock
2 tbsp tomato puré
pinch of sugar or to taste

Start with making a marinade out of the oil, soy sauce, liquid smoke and salt.
Slice you tofu, rather thin, a quarter of an inch or so. Put them on a baking sheet and
brush both sides with the marinade. Bake in the oven in 225° Celsius or 440° Fahrenheit for about 15 min. Fry your onion and mushrooms add the cream (make sure it’s cookable, you don’t want the sauce to separate). Add the stock, tomato paste, paprika powder, mustard and salt/pepper/sugar. Let it cook down a little. When the tofu is ready add them to your sauce.  Then you just let it simmer for a little while. If you feel that your sauce is a little to saucy, add some corn starch mixed with a little water. That will make it nice and thick. Serve with rice and some veggies you like.


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  1. Oh yum, that looks so delicious! I’m bookmarking this recipe!

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