Uppdate: London, Christmas and New Year.

It has been a while since we updated the blog and a lot of stuff has happened since then. After Vegan MoFo we where totally fed up with both blogging and cooking. It took all our energy to ramble up stuff for Christmas. We did Beetroot salad, Slow simmered red cabbage, Långkål (creamed kale), soyballs, Jansson’s Temptation. We also bought a Christmas H*m from Astrid & Aporna, the best mock-ham we can get here in Sweden.

From top left, clock-wise: Beetroot salad, Jansson’s Temptation. Långkål, Soyballs, Red cabbage.

For my birthday, Dec 12, we went with my parents to London for the weekend. Normally when we go to London we hang out at our usual spots but since the parents has only been there once and that was 20 years ago, we did some more tourist stuff. It is actually nice to do more tourist things even if we have seen most of it one time or the other.

My father is rather conservative when it comes to food but lunch at Wagamama worked fine.

My Birthday dinner was at SAF, a restaurant that has been compered to Millennium in SF.

It was a good meal and one of the best I had in Europe but Millennium is way ahead. We also did see the Gauguin exhibition at Tate Modern, shop a bit (I got more Vegan Worshester sauce) and hang out at a few pubs. Just the way I like my birthday to be.

We had a very nice New Years party with our friends from the US, Per and Amelia, and Robert and Anna. The theme for the evening was Caribbean and lots of inspiration came from Caribbean Vegan, a very nice cook book.

For Amuse-bouche we had a grilled “shrimp” with a coriander and coconut dip.

Next we had a rice paper roll with a hot mango sauce.

Main dish was three skewers: Tzai (a Swedish seitan/soy dish)baked with bbq-sauce, Jerked tofu and Bajan “beef” stew (from Caribbean Vegan). Served with a coconut rice, pineapple salsa and green beans.

and as a dessert fried bananas with toffee sauce and ice cream(tofu line).

The party, except the hostess Susann


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  1. Yay! You’re back! I’ve missed my fellow swedes in the English blogosphere.

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