We have moved…and food

A big reason why we haven’t updated is that we finally got a new apartment, and the best part is that it is in the house next to our old one. We got another room and didn’t have to move away from the neighbourhood! Bad thing is that we don’t have any really nice photos of the place yet but really, no one is interested in our apartment, it is the food that you all like.

Well we haven’t made anything special, it has mostly been business as usual and that means basic everyday food. We have bought a few new cookbooks: The Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet, Vegan DinerAppetite for Reduction, but I haven’t tried many of the recipies yet.

We had a few early weeks of summer and I was in the mood for some BBQ. Grilled corn on the cob, cheatin baked beans with bourbon twist (Veganomicon) , deep fried mock chicken in Backyard BBQ sauce (Veganomicon) and coleslaw.

We also had a nice BBQ with our friends Robert, Anna and Torkil. They served up a nice selection of sallad, olives, tofu dogs, Thzai (like seitan) and an excellent potato salad. To bad we finished most before I got around to take a picture so all you get is the left over potato salad.

When the weather turned more to normal, rain and grey, dinner also turn normal so back to our staple food and this picture really sums up our everyday food I think; Chickpea cutlets, mustard-lemon sauce, roasted spuds and greens. Most of the recipes from Veganomicon.

Last week of May I took an early vacation and visited my parents to help out build the green house my mother got for her birthday. The weather was really nice for May in Sweden and we found a huge amount of morels. Some went into a sauce but the bigger part we dried so we can enjoy them during the more gloomy months of the year.



  1. Ah, jag har aldrig ätit murklor, typiskt att jag inte är i Sverige när de kommit.

    • Vi fr vl bjussa, dock torkade nr du r hemma i gen. r ni i USA fortfarande? Murklor=morels r ganska vanliga i norra USA iaf, brukar finnas p farmers markets.


      • Jag är i Dartmoor, England! Hikade lite bland alla kullar idag men där var det i alla fall tomt på svamp.

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