So, who are we?

My name is Johan and I’m a nice boy in my late 30’s, very late, and is working as a tech-support for Sweden’s biggest ISP. I listen to punk/ska/indie rock, has a fetish for tweed suits and handmade shoes and are more nerdy than most people. I’ve been a vegetarian/vegan for the last 20 years, switching between them out of boredom/life crisis/laziness. Since food is probably my biggest passion in life it is sometimes hard to limit oneself to a strict diet but so far all interesting vegetables out there have kept me in line. I’m not one of the animal rights vegans, not that I don’t sympathizes with them, and have no problem with what other people stuff them self with.  My vegetarian choice started as banal that I wanted to be in the right crowed, all the nice punk girls where vegetarian, and I wanted hang out with them. Most of them stopped being vegetarian after realizing you couldn’t live on pasta and ketchup but my food interest kept me going. Since then I’ve gone from vegetarian to vegan and back a lot of times but these days I’m 99% vegan. My favourite meal is gravy, potato and some sort of seitan-steak/roast. For the last 8 years I’ve been living with Susann and we got married 2009 in Portland, Oregon.


My name is Susann, I’ll turn thirty last year. I work as a chef at a café here in Gothenburg. I try to contribute to the scene by making lots of tasty vegan food at work and at home. When I’m not cooking I’m probably crocheting, embroidering or doing my absolute favourite thing, riding my bicycle(s)! I’ve been a vegetarian for 13 years or so. And nowadays I’m mostly vegan too. It all started when we visited our BFF’s in Portland OR. I was totally amazed of all the cool stuff they had over there and the food! It’s not always been easy being vegan/vegetarian here in Sweden, even though it has really changed these last few years. But the food we came across over there. OMG! And so easily accessible. Portland has inspired me in so many ways. The bike scene, DIY culture, enviromentally and all their great food. So every summer we keep coming back. Last year me and my husband even got married there, at Voodoo doughnuts.  With all the vegan doghnuts we could eat! We live a pretty darn good life I would say.



  1. Karin Svensson

    Lovely dishes! I will keep an eye on this blogg. 🙂

  2. Tjena!

    Jag har försökt maila er men jag får mailen tillbaka. Hur göra??

    Fin mat förresten!

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