Baja Tacos and burger

Two things I even like more than a cutlet, gravy and spuds is tacos and burgers. Funny thing is that I hardly ever make that myself. But now everything will change! I tried the Baja Taco recipe from Veganomicon

Since finding fresh tempeh in Sweden is harder than find soya curls I went with curls. I marinated them over night to get all the nice flavours in there. Served with the slaw from the same recipe, sliced radishes and avocado, topped with cilantro-lime cream. Very tasty but the marinate need some tweaking I think….more chili maybe…

My quest for the ultimate veggoburger has taken a huge leap forward after I invested in the cookbook The Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet. the first recipe that I have tried is the All American burger.

The major ingredients are TVP, mushrooms and gluten. I went with some frozen soya mince and that made my burger dough a bit more dry I think. I also made them a bit bigger so I only got 3 instead of 4. When I fried them they fell apart in a disappointing way and it looked like a failure but after a day in the fridge the burgers turned out really well. The burgers are really “meaty” and don’t have any of that mashed vegetable-taste that many veggoburgers have. I say it is a really nice home made burger, the best I’ve done so far.


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  1. I just got a copy of that book & I’m really looking forward to making those burgers, they look great!

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